Artistic collaboration with Olicía

“The Frame” is the first result of a series of songs in which the jazz duo has
collaborated with artists from other disciplines.
Through many inspiring dialogues between Olicía and myself, the musical composition and the visual interpretation resulting from it came into being, with both influencing each other in the process of creation.
A total work of art that is audible and at the same time depicts the visual aesthetics of the audible in a compositional and deconstructive way.

The Frame. Original drawing. Pigmented ink pens on paper. 50 x 70 cm. 2023
The Frame. Original drawing. (Detail) Pigmented ink pens on paper. 50 x 70 cm. 2023

About the song

“The Frame” has unconventional melody lines, long arcs, an angularity inspired by visual expressions, and slight traces of 90ies Grunge transferred into Olicía’s aesthetic universe of voices, loops, analogue synths and acoustic guitar.

“We were thinking about, what it would be like to climb across the frame and into a painting – slight tendencies of Alice in her colorful wonderland, escape from daily routine into a song, walking around the corner and finding yourself with a completely new perspective of your once-familiar surroundings”, is how Fama M’Boup describes Olicía’s approach to the song.

Stream the song here:

About the artwork

” My approach was to form ‘groups’ of instruments or vocals in order to deconstructively depict a graphic arrangement of the song. I extracted physical sound parameters and translated them into different sections of lines, forms and colors to create an aesthetic image that makes it possible to visually experience the song as a whole – something that would normally not be possible because of the linear chronological nature of listening to music.
This visual interpretation was then drawn with pigmented ink pens on paper.”

The whole audiovisual process of song and graphic artwork can be experienced in an animated digital Augmented Reality Layer. Access information will be included with the purchased artwork.