We Will Live On

Artistic collaboration with L.A. based composer and sound designer Benjamin Wynn (aka DERU) on his latest album production “We Will Live On”.

About the album

“Written with the backdrop of news about the worsening climate crisis and pandemic isolation, made themes of legacy, loneliness, helplessness, love and hope emerge. The title, We Will Live On, is meant as a question. Will we? And if so, in what way? Will this outlive me? Will technology outlive all of us?…”

Deru was using a sequencer based on geometries inside a circle to create the music and a Disklavier (an acoustic piano outfitted with solenoids that allowed it to be digitally controlled) to play it.

More about the album:

Release Date: October 28th.
First single released on August 24th
Preorder : https://fofmusic.lnk.to/WeWillLiveOn

About the artworks

As my general approach for my artworks also incorporates a digital to analog process, I used various digital information and paramters of the music to create these art pieces.
Frequency and loudness values of each song were extracted and transformed into vertical lines of different densities, overlayed by hatched blocks of different structures that represent the pitches.
These digital files were then printed using a pen plotter.
Choosing half empty pens for the backgrounds was intended to create a unique and not reproducible look.

If  you are interested in ordering an original drawing
or  one of the limited edition prints, please write me a message.


More infos further below..

Availability of the original drawings:

01. -The Way Through The Forest
02. -The Wind-    [ SOLD ]
03. -We’re Not Needed-
04. -The Dirt-  [ SOLD ]
05. -To Quiet The Voices-
06. -The Rain-    [ SOLD ]
07. -Incremental Loss-
08. -The Ash-
09. -We Will Disappear-
10. -The Return-